In its Swarna Jayanti Year, Haryana will deploy an innovative way to generate awareness about various government schemes for below poverty line families through convergence. One of its kind in the country, 'Antyodaya Melas' (meets for welfare of the poor), will be organised first at the district level and then at the Tehsil and Nagarpalika levels, wherein approvals will be given in one go, on one day and under one roof. This will ensure timebound clearance of applications on one hand, and elimination of middlemen on the other.

There are innumerable Central and state programmes for the poor, but usually the rural poor are quite ignorant of them. They either do not know about their entitlements or they are exploited by touts and middlemen. In a move, that removes these flaws, the government functionaries will visit right to their doorstep. Antyodaya Melas would be organised so that the poor are empowered for better livelihood opportunities and provided with basic amenities.