An International Roundtable of Academic Institutions (IRAI) will be organised in the month of January 2017, to promote cooperation and collaboration between academic institutions and industry in India and abroad, further augmenting Haryana in its journey of transformation into a Global Knowledge Hub.

Academic luminaries from across the globe would participate in the roundtable conference. This will include Deans, Directors, Provosts and Senior Faculty from International Academic Institutions along with their counterparts from Haryana-based Universities. The roundtable would pave the way for forging of several tie-ups in the realm of knowledge-exchange, between Haryana Universities, Foreign Universities and Haryana industries.

In the State's Swarna Jayanti Year, the Haryana Government will 'therefore' be able to enhance knowledge collaborations, not only in terms of numbers but quality and effectiveness as well, thus laying the foundations of golden future.