The development of Haryana is because of the significant contribution of the people of different regions, castes and communities, who settled here from Vedic days till the present and committed themselves to its growth. It is an occasion to express our gratitude to all brothers and sisters who have unitedly scripted Haryana's success story.

Over the years they have developed a sense of belongingness to Haryana thus reflecting fusion of different cultures in this state which has accepted them with open arms. Now the cosmopolitan character of Gurgaon where people of more than two dozen nationalities reside is a living example of cultural amalgamation, assimilation & absorption.

Let us pledge to maintain this sprit of cultural unity and join hands to continue to develop Haryana with an added zeal.

A substantial population of Haryana is comprised of those who have migrated from the erstwhile Punjab at the dawn of Indian independece. Despite the miseries and sufferings of the country;s partition they worked hard to build their lives again and in this process played a vital role in the socio-economic development of Haryana.