The Haryana Quiz will be launched in April 2017, as an innovative way of introducing the youth to the rich heritage and pulsating colours of Haryana; including its historical, cultural, literary, geographical, industrial, and educational peculiarities. It will run through a dedicated website- www.haryanaswarnajayanti.org. It aims to infuse the internet generation with a sense of honour for their motherland.

The website will house a large and accurate question bank, that is solely focussed on facts of Haryana. Made interactive, so that it appeals to the youth, it will be structured as an online quiz game wherein users can log on and play games, as well as compete with one another. They can download and upload questions as well. Users are also given the option of selecting their language and competency level before taking the test. In this era, where knowledge and social networking are of great importance, the driving idea of Haryana Quiz is to ensure that the youth stay in the loop, keeping them abreast of the new and old in the state, as well as instilling in them a sense of pride and belonging.

There will also be a TV Quiz show on Haryana where prize money may go upto one crore. This would be hosted by one of the popular face of the TV/cinema.