The Government of India has consented to my request to allow us to host the National Youth Week celebrations as National Youth Festival from 12 January 2017 ti 17 January 2017.

This will give us an opportunity to enable young Indians from all over the country to connect with the ancient land of Vedas etc. The youth festivl aims to propagate the concept of national integration, spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage and adventure amongst the youth by exhibiting their cultural prowess on a common platform. This is done by organizing gatherings of the youth across the country and encouraging them to take part in different activities.

The centre of the festical focuses on cultural aspects and a number of other programmes covering a wide variety of activities, which not only reflect the spirit of friendship but also peace and development. Besides all this, this festival provides a nationwide exposure to the youth for the expression and fulfillment of their cultureal talent and asporations. The activities held during the festival include competitive and non-competitive cultural events, martial arts, exhibitions, intellectual courses, young artists camps, seminars and adventure programmes.