What a great collective strength we have - FIVE CRORE ARMS with DREAMS OF TWO & A HALF CRORE HARYANAVIS - what all can be achieved through this, we have torealise this during Golden Jubilee Year.

It is an occasion for the manifestation of the people's power of TWO AND A HALF CRORE CITIZENS OF HARYANA. The state of Haryana calls upon its people to participate in showcasing their vested democratic power and contribute their strength and willingness to the festivities drawn over the coming full year.

Let us join hands for making the growth and development of the state a reality that is tangible and visible enough; thereby enlisting the support of a teaming millions population and ably supported by five crore dexterous hands. We invoke a golden shine on the determination and commitment of every Haryanavi who takes pride in calling him withthe same appellation and do the state real proud.